The fund helps young people 16-25 experiencing and at risk of homelessness through small, quick grants that help people access accommodation or prevent eviction.

The money you will receive has been given by Juliet Bond. She was a nurse in Gloucester Royal Hospital. She was not rich but gave this money when she died in memory of her son who was adopted. She gave him up because he was illegitimate, and she could not keep him. This was in the 1960s. So this money is for you so use it wisely and if you can say ‘Thank you, Juliet.’ 

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Grant of up to £750 given to Young People aged between 16 and 25 living or going to live anywhere within the county of Gloucestershire to prevent or end homelessness.

All grants will be paid direct to Landlords, property agents or other professional organisations. Grants cannot be paid to the individual.

The grant is to be used to secure accommodation (for rent deposits, rent in advance, ID document fees) or to prevent eviction (for rent arrears, service charge arrears, debt relief orders, to pay for a hoarding clean-up). *This is not an exhaustive list. 

The young person must be actively engaged in work to sustain housing.

Can combine our grant with that secured elsewhere such as local rent deposit schemes, however this must be declared in the application form. This fund is not to replace statutory funding obligations and or schemes. 

We only accept applications from paid frontline workers who provide support to people experiencing homelessness. Frontline workers include staff working in the voluntary, statutory, and public sectors.

For example: resettlement or outreach workers, CAB advisers, supported housing officers, mental health workers, drug and alcohol support, health professionals, probation officers, social workers, prison inreach workers or police.

Applications should clearly demonstrate how any grant paid will prevent or end homelessness for the individual long-term.

Supporting evidence such as payment plans, support plans, letters etc that demonstrate any work the individual is engaged in, is encouraged.


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Only one grant per young person

We may issue an amount less than that requested.

We reserve the right to refuse grants.

All decisions are final.

Referrer’s will be contacted 3 months after the grant is paid to provide feedback on if the grant prevented the young person becoming/remaining homeless.

Funds are limited, if there are insufficient funds then we would not be able to award the grant and may close the fund at any time.

The Fund is open to applications on Working days, Mon-Fri and takes up to 7 working days for a decision. All decisions are communicated by email from or . In exceptional circumstances, and where we have capacity, we can review more quickly. Please speak with the duty worker for urgent enquiries

If you have any queries or want to know the status of your application please contact us by email to or 01452 331330

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