Befriending can make a real difference to young people.

Who, often at a time of transition or change, find that they need the dedicated support of another person to help them navigate their way through 

Befriending involves the development of a relationship in which one person, who is not a family member or close friend, gives time to support and encourage another to make changes in their life. The aim of befriending support is to build supportive relationships over time and can include social elements within it. Befriending tends to develop more informal, supportive relationships. These relationships are not time limited which is often the case with mentoring relationships. Our befrienders have lived experience of homelessness and can offer support from a place of their own real world experience.

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Our email platform allows young people to communicate needs and feelings as and when they need and know that a response will not be far away. The befriendee controls when and how they use the service. Each relationship is effectively a union of what the befriendee needs and that which a befriender can offer.