20 years of gloucestershire nightstop

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For twenty years, Gloucestershire Nightstop has been working tirelessly to prevent youth homelessness when it starts, supporting our young people to the best of our ability in securing long term accommodation and building stable and successful lives.

As we head into the next two decades, we’ve changed dramatically to make sure we are meeting the needs of young people in a modern world. We listen to our young people and adapt to their needs. Our new, holistic approach to service development is already having an impact on our young people moving on from our service successfully.

Last year, we introduced you to a New Nightstop, where a new night just hits differently. A new team, hub, range of integrated services and brand. Now, in our anniversary year, we are introducing you to a new approach to prevent homelessness before it occurs.

We’re evolving into a driver of social, political and cultural change through our new research and partnerships initiative, making sure that our society works together effectively to provide long term solutions to youth homelessness. Alongside this new role, we remain committed to providing and improving our core services. We learn from our young people, we learn from our team, we learn from our partners, we learn from the public and we harness what we learn to be the best we possibly can be.

“I would say that anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation should definitely come to get support from nightstop. They are simply amazing people. From the support workers who greet you at the door, to the volunteers who drive you, to the kind and considerate hosts.
Nightstop truly is full of amazing people and I’ll never be able to express my gratitude enough.”
Young Person accessing Nightstop, March 2023

since 2003, the housing market has become increasingly difficult, as has the rest of our economy. The challenge we were founded to confront has become increasingly large; the needs of our users increasingly complex. We are determined to meet these challenges and becoming more agile. We are determined to design youth homelessness out of society for good.

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Be a ShortStop host

Do you have a spare room? We are looking for volunteer hosts from all walks of life to provide safe accommodation for young people facing homelessness. ‘ShortStop’ is emergency accommodation provided one night at a time.

Be a LongStop host

Do you have a spare room? We are looking for volunteer hosts from all walks of life to provide safe accommodation for young people facing homelessness. ‘Longstop’ provides longer term placements whilst young people wait for suitable housing to become available. Hear about how Gloucestershire Nightstop has supported young people facing homelessness


Can you provide emotional support to a young person? Have you experienced homelessness? We are looking for great listeners who care about enhancing young people’s well-being and self-esteem. If you have the skills and motivation to tackle loneliness and social isolation, then get in touch. 

Become a driver

Our drivers are a vital and valued part of what we do. Acting as the warm and welcoming faces of Nightstop. Transporting young homeless people to and from Host households. This is a flexible role around your schedule with expenses covered.

Contact Us

Make An Enquiry

To find out more about any of the volunteering opportunities available, our safeguarding measures or the training and support you will receive, please get in touch.

Call 01452 331 330 or send us an enquiry