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Volunteer Drivers

Many young people who stay with Nightstop have to travel across Gloucestershire to get to their host's home for the evening. This can be a daunting experience, so we rely on volunteer drivers to help us.

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Volunteer drivers meet guests at a pre-arranged place, drive them to their host’s home, make introductions and call the project to confirm that the guest has arrived safely.

You will be the first point of contact for a guest so you need to be reliable, non-judgemental and good listener who is willing to be a reassuring presence. All our training will prepare you for taking on this role.

The time commitment is flexible and as a volunteer driver you can choose how often you are available for driving. However, drivers are mainly needed on weekdays between 4 and 6 p.m.  Our drivers are able to make Nightstop fit around their normal lives.

We provide comprehensive training with information about youth homelessness, safeguarding rules and tips to help you when meeting and travelling with the guest. We also run DBS checks for all Drivers.

Sue Harding, Volunteer Driver

“I first heard of Nightstop when I read an article several years ago in one of the national newspapers about a couple in Yorkshire who housed children/young adults, who needed accommodation on a temporary basis, in their home for one or more nights.  I had never heard of Nightstop before and I was so impressed that I sent Nightstop a donation.  I then forgot about that amazing couple and Nightstop until a few years later, when two of my volunteering activities unfortunately ended – one small charity sadly went into administration and the other organisation decided to use people they paid instead of volunteers.

I therefore decided to look on the website for other volunteering opportunities.  There is a huge range of activities available but what attracted me about Gloucestershire Nightstop was the possibility of interacting with younger people, aged between 16 and 25, who for no reason of their own making needed assistance with support, accommodation and transport.  I duly applied and, after I was issued with my DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate, I was asked to drive a variety of young people, usually to or from where they were staying the night.  I was briefed in advance about the youngster in question, whether they were at school/college or working and given some necessary background information.  Without exception all of them have been personable and polite as well as grateful for the support given to them by Nightstop.  Occasionally they would talk about themselves and give me some insight into their current situation but I never asked specific questions, only general ones, unless they initiated the conversation, nor did I ever give advice as that was the role of Gloucestershire Nightstop.

I love driving these young people and feel that perhaps in some small way I am able to give something back as I had a happy childhood, which is not always enjoyed by all children unfortunately.

I would not hesitate to recommend volunteering as a driver for Gloucestershire Nightstop.  I found their personnel efficient and empathetic and their backup excellent if I had a query at any time.  The owners of the homes providing accommodation were friendly and welcoming so I could rest assured the youngsters were well looked after during their stay.”

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Contact Richard, or call 01452 331330 and a member of the team will get in touch, to discuss what’s involved with being a driver and how it can work around your own commitments.


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