Case Studies

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  • Sam

    Nightstop was there at a time for me when no one and no thing else was. I was homeless and penniless after 2 cold nights on the streets..
  • Sarah

    In almost every sense Sarah is an ordinary young woman. Where Sarah’s story becomes extra-ordinary is in the experience she has had of being homeless. Sarah was 17 when she first came to Gloucestershire Nightstop.

I came into Nightstop with nowhere to go and a very closed mind, I didn’t really know what to think at the time. Any young person without the certainty of a bed to stay for the night will know that it is a scary position to be in. The thought dwells in your mind and as the day gets later thought in the back of your mind becomes more and more present. The warm welcome as I walked in through the door helped to ease my nerves and the friendly conversations from the staff helped me feel human again, rather than an outcast. Even the simple “do you want a coffee?” made me think okay maybe it will be alright. Honestly I didn’t really like the idea and I did have a negative opinion, I ...

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