Need help?

Gloucestershire Nightstop services are provided free to young people across the county of Gloucestershire.

Who does Gloucestershire Nightstop help?

Gloucestershire Nightstop provides accommodation for young people who are:

  • Aged 16 – 25
  • Homeless or at risk
  • Without dependent children
  • Not under the influence of drugs or alcohol


What happens on Nightstop?

On the first night you will usually be collected by a Nightstop worker who will take you to the Host’s home.  The worker will answer any questions you have and give you information about the people you will be staying with.  The worker will introduce you and make sure you will be settled before they leave.

While with Nightstop you will have your own bedroom and be offered an evening meal and breakfast.  The Host will make sure it is something you like.  You will also be able to have a shower or bath.  If you feel like talking the Hosts are good company but if you don’t want to talk, the Hosts will give you space and won’t pressure you. As most hosts work or are busy during the day,  you will probably need to leave their home in the morning (we will give you bus fare if you need it).  It sounds quite scary but most young people are surprised at how much they enjoy being on Nightstop.

How do I access the Nightstop Service?

If you are homeless you will normally need to be referred to us through another agency.  If you are 20 – 25 the housing department in the local council should be able to refer you.  If you are 16 – 19 you can ask EITHER the Youth Support Team (YTS) or the housing department in your local council to refer you.

There may be other services that work with young people that are able to refer you.

If you can’t get to a service or are unsure where to go, complete the form below, or give our staff a call on 01452 331330 and we will help you through the process. We will call you back if you have no credit.

Please complete this form and we’ll be in touch soon.