Ever wondered what it feels like to be taken in by strangers?

I came into Nightstop with nowhere to go and a very closed mind, I didn’t really know what to think at the time. Any young person without the certainty of a bed to stay for the night will know that it is a scary position to be in. The thought dwells in your mind and as the day gets later thought in the back of your mind becomes more and more present. The warm welcome as I walked in through the door helped to ease my nerves and the friendly conversations from the staff helped me feel human again, rather than an outcast. Even the simple “do you want a coffee?” made me think okay maybe it will be alright.

Honestly I didn’t really like the idea and I did have a negative opinion, I just felt like I was invading on someone’s family and privacy. I couldn’t have been more wrong as my host opened the door with a grin saying “you must be Jack”.  It was a relaxed feeling like “thank god it’s the right house number”. The hosts I stayed with couldn’t have been any better they were a great laugh and although I was there for a short time I felt at home rather than someone on the outside if you get my drift. I was sad to leave after having a cracking 5 days with them, some good memory’s though that I will treasure. For example, when we used double sided tape to wallpaper the wall, we had nearly completed it when Kev pointed out there were air bubbles everywhere making it look a mess.  We had to rip all our hard work off but it was quickly made in to some light hearted jokes and a bit of banter being thrown around always made me laugh.

When I came back after to speak to the staff about some forms, I again felt welcome and we had a good laugh about the week I had just finished. It left me feeling optimistic on how people who would have the heart to let people such as myself into their homes and treat them as their own. It left me just thinking to myself wow I can’t believe that I was so wrong as I have already said.

All I really have to say is if there is anyone in a similar position to myself and the same thoughts about night stop that being you don’t want to; invade in someone’s personal life, you’re worried about what the host will be like or anything related.  Honestly give it a go before you completely right it off because you never know it may be the best few days of your life. It will almost certainly give you hope again.

I would just like to thank Ciaran, Joe and Janet for making my experience enjoyable and to my social worker Andy for actually urging me to give it a go.