What I thought of Nightstop before I used the service was it’s a last resort.

Which I guess is still true but I also thought I would be isolated. In my experience that is so far from the truth, its unbelievable. The first night was a little nerve racking as you’re staying with complete strangers but that only lasted about ten minutes. I really enjoyed going to different hosts, which all were very welcoming and good people to be around. That could be just me as I class myself as a rather social person but I do understand that it isn’t going to be the same for everyone as people who use night stop have a different story and different backgrounds.

One point I want to make is how brilliant the staff are, ok they do their job in finding you a host but not only that they go the extra mile by finding in my instance a place to live, helping build a CV and use their facilities to job search and help with benefits. WHAT STARS. The last point I want to make is their work should be seen more and they should get some of the limelight.