How we work

Nightstop provides emergency accommodation for homeless young people. We do this by matching young people who need a bed for the night with vetted and approved volunteer hosts offering a spare room in their home.


Our team

Nightstop placements are arranged and coordinated by the four staff at our office in Gloucester. When we receive a referral we conduct checks with partner agencies to make sure the placement will run smoothly and safely. We then match the young person with an available volunteer host and make sure the young person can get to the host and back again the following day. This usually means taking the young person to the host’s house on the first night and ensuring they have a bus ticket for the journey back.

We always make sure that the young person understands and agrees to the Nightstop house rules before a placement is arranged.

The placement will be in a normal home environment. Our hosts are a mix of single adults, couples, and families with children still at home.
When arranging placements we do our best to take into account factors such as local connections and transport links to the young person’s place of study or work. Our ability to do this for an individual placement will depend on the availability of volunteers that night and the number and needs of all the young people using Nightstop at the time.

Nightstop staff recruit and train our volunteer hosts, help our young people develop life skills needed for independence and with finding somewhere more settled to live, and support our network of host families.

How young people find Nightstop

Most young people come to Nightstop via a referral from an agency such as Young Gloucestershire, social services, or schools and collages.

How we vet hosts

We vet potential hosts to ensure the safety of young people who stay with us. All our hosts have enhanced DBS checks, satisfactory references, home visits and training before they start hosting with us.

Once volunteers have started hosting with us we maintain regular contact, offering refresher training and revalidating our initial checks.