About us

Gloucestershire Nightstop is a registered charity which was established in 1996.


Gloucestershire Nightstop aims to make homelessness, exclusion and poverty a thing of the past for young people.


Gloucestershire Nightstop believes:

  • All young people should be treated equitably regardless of race, religion, gender, culture or other inappropriate distinction and are entitled to appropriate housing, support and a reasonable standard of living.
  • Homelessness, exclusion and poverty are unacceptable and should be challenged in all their forms.
  • All staff and volunteers are of equal standing within the organisation.


Gloucestershire Nightstop exists to:

      • Provide young people with suitable, safe and supported emergency and temporary accommodation in the homes of trained and vetted volunteers.
      • Provide a platform and a voice for those young people in the County of Gloucestershire affected by the issues of homelessness, exclusion and poverty.