A Decade!

Wow! Is it that long. Ciaran our Coordinator and our volunteer admin worker Ann have been with Nightstop for 10 years. Time does fly when you are having fun and the last 10 years have flown past for Ciaran and Ann.

An outside evaluator considers Nightstop’s monitoring and ongoing evaluation to be amongst the very best she has seen in her work over the years with literally hundreds of charities and social enterprises. Which is a fantastic testimony to Ann’s dedication to her volunteering role.

When asked what Ann and Ciaran most enjoyed about Nightstop. Ann said “I enjoy working and being of some use, when you have skills from your working life it’s good to utilize them”. “I enjoy coming to Nightstop”.

Ciaran said “ Nightstop has actually been part of my professional life for nearly twenty years now, firstly as a Housing Advice Worker making referrals and then a Nightstop worker. My view of Nightstop then was that it was a unique service that could make a real difference on a number of levels for the young people it supports. This hasn’t changed after all this time. It has been a pleasure to work with great colleagues, partners, volunteers and all the other people who help to make Nightstop such a positive and valuable resource for the young people of Gloucestershire.”