More 4 documentary features homelessness network behind Gloucestershire Nightstop

More 4 documentary features homelessness network behind Gloucestershire Nightstop

More 4 documentary features homelessness network behind Gloucestershire Nightstop

The homelessness network behind Gloucestershire Nightstop is featured in a major new TV documentary broadcast on Tuesday 11th July 2017.

More 4 is screening Would You Take In A Stranger? – a powerful and moving hour-long film made by Drummer TV – from 10pm. It is also available for around a month from the broadcast date on:

Director Ben Freedman follows the emergency accommodation service, which matches members of the public with young people who need a bed in a moment of crisis, welcoming them into their home until a longer term solution can be found.

The programme features three young people in very different circumstances, none of whom fulfils the stereotype of a “homeless” person.

Kieran is a 17-year-old boy at college who has had an argument with his stepdad. With exams to contend with and no experience of sleeping away from home, the Nightstop team work quickly to try to find him a bed for the night.

Dandi, 21 has been using Nightstop on and off for three years because she has a difficult relationship with her mum. She comes across as so smiley and well presented that, in the past, youth workers have not always believed her when she has told them she is homeless.

Paul is 24 and nearing the end of the time with Nightstop so the race is on to find a long-term solution.

For all three young people, it is the fleeting relationships they have with their hosts that are striking.

Janet Ellard, Gloucestershire Nightstop, Host Coordinator of Gloucestershire Nightstop, said: “The use of spare rooms in a welcoming and nurturing home is a lifeline to young people in crisis”

“In Gloucestershire Nightstop last year we provided 1,180 bed-nights for 86 young people who were facing homelessness. This documentary really shows just how powerful Nightstop is in changing young people’s lives.

The Nightstop network is led by homelessness charity Depaul UK.

It provides a safety net to those unable to stay at home, placing young people in a safe and warm home for the night, provided by a vetted and volunteer.

And it prevents young people from sleeping rough or staying in unsafe places where they would be at risk of abuse. Over 83,000 young people were identified as homeless last year alone and 13,100 bed-nights were provided by over 600 volunteers across the UK.

If you would like to find out about volunteering  for Gloucestershire Nightstop, please call our on 01452 331 330 or email or look at this web page